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Updated 20/9/2013 

What is going  on with the museum the building that was the hot spot we have lost because we could not raise the money needed, so we turned our attention to the building that was Bamfords old stores which now belongs to JCB so we started to phone JCB hoping to speak to Sir Antony but could not get passed his secretary who just passed us on to Sir Antony side kicks who made all the right noises and sounded promising to us but all they was doing was to string us along and keeping us happy but this is what they do and are good at it, and after two years since they first demolished the old factory JCB have put in planning to demolish the only build that is left of the old Bamfords which is located on Pinfold St these plans went to East Staffs planning on the 24th June 2013, so it looks like that as gone like a lot of buildings that JCB have had so it looks like no help from JCB or Sir Antony who we was hoping would keep his roots alive and the history of a great name alive, so yet again we have little to thank them for.




 19/4 /2010 

Presentation for Out Line Plan for Bamford Museum


We would like to fill the museum with anything that Bamfords Ltd made, like Horse Rakes, mowers, Hay makers, Bales, Hay loaders; those are some of the large machinery, then we have mills, Cake breakers, Horse gears, Engines, Water pumps, Taps, Photos and the list goes on and the records for dating engines, we have had machinery offer  to us but we have had to turn it down because we have no room for the big machinery, all machinery would be a static display but would hope to have an area to run some machines and engines as a display of how they would have worked.

We would like a corner some where to sit and have a cup of tea and an office and we hope that all of this will be done by volunteers.

We would like to have a work shop so that anyone with any spare time, and would like to volunteer to help restore the machinery up would be welcome.

 We would like it to be accessible for disabled and if we had to put a tea room up stair we would be looking at some way of getting disabled people up by a stair lift, this area would be a place where people of all generations could come and sit and have a talk and tell stories and reminisce of their time at Bamfords Ltd if they worked there.

We think that this would be an attraction to all who visit Uttoxeter and keep the history of Uttoxeter alive as well as Bamfords Ltd, and we would be looking at doing guided tours and a talk of Machinery to Schools and any group parties, we could also do a talk with a projector show of the history of Bamfords Ltd.

We also may have to do alterations to the building which will have a cost.

We would make an entry fee.

We would be looking for sponsors.

We would be looking at grants and any funding that is going.

We would have to do a running cost of how much it will cost each month so that we know how much we have to raise each month.

The bills will be electric, gas, rates, water, and telephone

This his where we would like any help in any way or form and guidance which will help as to get this museum up and running, but any help on the costing would be appreciated and of the most help to us.

 I have had a letting fee of £30 000 per annum which is £577-00 per week or £2500 per month so I have asked how much it will be if it was for sale and the agent is Daniel Hulme is going to ask the owner if it is for sale, the property we are looking at is the Hot Spot old building in Uttoxeter.

It would be more cost effective to buy a property in the long run than to rent one.

We also have asked about a building on the corner of Balance street and pinfold street which is owned by JCB, but at this time JCB do not know what is going to happen to this building as plans and the development is still up in the air

Old Bamfords site in Uttoxeter

Old Bamford Site

Bamfords site

Outside of the gates of Hockley Road Main entrance Bamford Ltd


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