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The site is operated by the Bamford Engine and Machinery Group, a non-profit group of enthusiasts dedicated to renovating farming equipment from a time gone by. The equipment was all manufactured by Henry Bamford and Sons who were based at Uttoxeter in Staffordshire and went on to achieve world-wide recognition for their equipment.

The Bamford and Engine Machinery Group is going to be a registered charity in the near future, anybody who would like to donate any machinery or monies are invited to Contact us.

This change is due to the fact that we are trying to get some ground from the old Bamford’s site in Pinfold Street Uttoxeter. We have been told that there is money in the Heritage Funds. We are trying to acquire land or a building which belonged to Bamfords in the past so that we can renovate it. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

In these pages, we hope to give you an illustration of the rise of one of the UK’s foremost agricultural and farm implement manufacturers. The company went into liquidation in 1987 and these pages are a tribute to the company.

Also included in the site are illustrations of the family tree, the board of the company in 1921 and many pictures of the products and the works of Henry Bamford & Sons.

If you have any comments, equipment for sale or even anecdotes relating to the company that you wish to share, or if you have pictures of equipment that you want to show others, please click on the link below.

Bamford  Engine and Machinery Group


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  • It is with great regret that the Bamford Engine & Machinery Group will no longer be holding a rally owing to the lack of sponsors and poor attendance of the public we are calling an end to our rally, we have had a great atmosphere from the exhibitors over the years and their support and made lots of friends on the rally field, but would like to thank all are exhibitors over the years and a special thank you to Ken Halden for letting us hold are rally at his place, so thank you all for making the rally what it was.
          Kind Regards Phillip Wood Dennis Barlow

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