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About us

My interest into the hobby came about through my mate Les Doody who was a farmer who I used to help with the haymaking back in the 1960’s who I had known from the age of fifteen until he passed away in 1999. and it all started when I helped Les to paint his 7rd Mower and from there I went to some rallies with him and from them early days I wanted my own piece of machinery so as Bamfords was on my door step it just seemed right that I would go down that road so I started to look and ask about to see what was about and out of the blue I had found a Bamford engine in my own village and I could not believe my luck so I went and asked the farmer and he said I could have it for £25 which took me six months to save for it then the day came when I could buy my first engine an EG1 I was proud as a peacock thanks to the farmer Phillip Atkins who had saved it for me and still have this engine today and with the help from my brother Dennis we started to build our collection up so now have got some engines which are nearly all Bamfords engines and some Machinery but as well we do have a Lister D, Worseley,Ruston pt and a Norton 500 so from all of this the Bamford website was set up which my brother runs and I do the help line which I took over from the late RICHARD BAMFORD and just to show you all how much we love the hobby every thing we do comes out of our own pockets and just one more thing my brother made me buy a computer so we both had one built to Dennis specifications  he has moved on with his but mine is still the same just one more little thing we would like a museum to be set up in UTTOXETER for BAMFORDS but we need a building or a piece of land can anyone help us with this.

Phillip Wood

I started with my first engine Lister D in 1983-1984 then I had a Bamford 4 HP sold the Lister then bought a 2hp between me and my brother then I had a 5hp then we brought a 3 HP after that a 1hp this then started a collection  my brother brought an engine off Mr Atkins what was used for standby for the milking then we had a mixture of ev’s and eg’s some were petrol some were petrol paraffin we brought our first open crank tulip top in the late nineties then a 2hp open crank in 2000 and carrot top. From Cardiff we brought 4hp open crank.

Dennis Barlow

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Im Alex im 14 years old,my dad has always took me to rallies for as long as i can remember, he informs me that we have been going since i was about 2.I can always remember my grandad and  Dennis having engines and I have always been interested and intrigued on how they run.
Last year I went to the Bamford rally and decided I would like my own engine, my grandad and Dennis helped me to source a Bamford EG1 which i bought out of my pocket money. I am looking forward to showing my engine at the rallies this year and wish to purchase a water pump or generator to run off it .

                                                                                                                                                            Alex Wood

Bamfords E G 1 ( 1947 )

              ALEX WOOD 2







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